Safety & Risk Management

Welcome to the Safety and Risk Management website. Our site is designed to be a resource for SUU faculty, staff, students and administrators. As part of the Facilities Management Division, our mission is to work closely with you and your department to identify, evaluate and manage risk in order to provide a safe environment for the campus community. We assist with the development of safety and risk programs which include environmental compliance, occupational safety and health, and property and liability insurance.

On this site, we provide links to additional information about commonly used forms (including Certificates of Insurance) and risk-related procedures and policy documents.

Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips from  Safety & Risk Management

Walking on Ice and Snow can be challenging. Winter conditions are responsible for many of the slips, trips, falls and other injuries that SUU employees will face this year.

Being prepared, having the right gear, and knowing what to watch out for can mean the difference between suffering a bone-breaking injury or not.

Read our Winter Safety Tips.